shanghai securities news has learned that selling price increases and on-line tariff adjustment programs in the region is expected this month introduced, according to the program, power grids, the average selling price will increase by about 2.5 points, while coal-fired power plant electricity price will be adjusted benchmark eastern power plants will be reduced, the western power plant will increase.

sales price, the average increase rate of 2.5 cents / kwh, whichat around 1.8 for the smooth unilateral price increases last year, after the online price relationships. according to report, is trying to adjust in november at the latest by 2010, coal production but also in transport need to adjust the convergence will hold a pre-finished. it is understood that executives have instructed relevant departments to study and implement industrial and commercial electricity tariff unification problem, is expected to be introduced after adjustment in the tariff related measures.

price in the internet, according to the first reporter to disclose the price on accelerating the reform of a number of opinions in the coal-fired power plants continue to implement benchmark electricity price policy, and based on the current unit cost, coal, design the use of hours of regional benchmark price for checking, appropriate adjustment ;provisions of eastern and western power plants will be the regional electricity price adjustment.

jinliang ri, the relevant policy department of the tariff adjustment in beijing meeting, informed sources, coal-fired power plants in guangdong, or electricity price will be lowered from 0.7 cents / kilowatt-hour or so, zhejiang, or down a sub / kilowatt-hour or so, jiangsu province, or down 0.5 cents / kwh or so. the west is raised accordingly, such as shanxi, or increase 1.2 cents / kwh.  buy christian louboutin

after the sellingprice increases, since a larger proportion of the south-west power grid a few small companies are expected to benefit from the larger, however, citic securities that, due to the complex method of calculation, southwest will ultimately benefit the regional mini-grid can still be seen.

wang wei guotai junan analysts expect the coastal thermal power plant electricity price is expected to drop 0.5-1.2 cents / kwh for electricity price adjustment of investment opportunities, citic securities that even if the east down 2 cents / unit, east thermal power companies in 2013 dynamic price-earnings ratio is only 14-16 times the thermal power even if the rise in the west, not low price-earnings ratio. therefore, price adjustment should not be overly sensitive.


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